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Kipas Guys

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Kipas Guys is a casual multiplayer game that lets players play against each other in a variety of minigames. It's great fun, and you can play as many times as you like. Kipas Guy allows you to play with up 32 people in an obstacle course. Only one person wins: The person who overcomes all obstacles and beats everyone else is the winner. Have fun with friends and other online players.

You can choose to play in solo mode, with custom maps, or with a team. You can also use all skins, emojis, and dashes without limits. Kipas Guys is fun and challenging. You can control each minigame in many different ways to test your speed and skills. You can fall and just get up again. Join the fun!

How To Play

  • Press "Party" in the right corner of the home screen. 
  • Choose Create Party to create a private room and invite your friends. 
  • Send the room code number to your friends so they can join the room. 
  • Press "Play" to start looking for a match.
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