Cookie Clicker: Gold

Cookie Clicker: Gold

Cookie Clicker: Gold

Cookie Clicker: Gold



Cookie Clicker: Gold is an online game where you click on the gold button to acquire additional minerals or other essential equipment.

You only need to click to play this game. You can then activate auto click mode by buying products or equipment. Start with cursors, the most basic object. Every purchase will result in a rise in the price. Get a lot more gold and increase your output. This is an improved version the Cookie Clicker game, but with a yellow background. Instead of making cookies you might instead have fun digging. These two games are similar in gameplay, but they provide different sensations. Begin exploring this exciting gaming space.


  • Idle clicking gameplay.
  • Fantastic range of upgrades and research.
  • Funny phrases and humorous gameplay.

How To Play

Left click to play!

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