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Capybara Clicker is an incremental game that has no ending. Your main objective is to increase the number of capybaras over time. To do that, you must repeatedly click on the large capybara in the middle of the screen. The game allows you to increase capybara in two ways:

  • Proactive: Auto-generate capybara every second without clicking.
  • Passive: Increase the amount of capybara in each click.

During the time you increase the number of capybaras, various features will be unlocked depending how many capybaras you have increased. Greatest feature as well as beneficial the most for your capybara increasing process is plus a certain number of capybara per click. Try to unlock these types of features as much as you can since they will support you so much and you will be grateful for them.

Other fun and interesting features to unlock are the capybara's skin and weather. This will make Capybara Clicker more interesting and exciting. You cannot deny that it feels great each time your capybara changes its dress, display,... You just want to unlock more of this so your capybara won't look bored.


  • A fun and enjoyable, never-ending clicking game
  • Extremely simple and easy gameplay
  • Many upgrades to unlock - generate billions of capybaras with just one click
  • Discover diversified of capybara's skin and backgrounds
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Free to play

Types of User

Capybaras are famous and are loved by everyone, including adults, teenagers, and children. People just cannot resist capybara cuteness and enjoy observing their daily activities, such as eating the grass and taking a bath in a pond or a pail for hours. Capybaras love to swim, this is reasonable because of their feet, which are similar to ducks' feet. They also love to eat, especially sweet fruits and vegetables.

Therefore, Capybara Clicker is suitable for everyone and is loved by many people. Not just because of the love players have for capybara , but also because of the simple and easy gameplay. You don't need any technique or skill to play Capybara Clicker. Just keep clicking and you'll unlock fun skins for your capybara.


What is the release date of Capybara Clicker?

This game was released in November 2022.

Who is the developer of the game?

Capybara Clicker was developed by Euclides.

What platforms can Capybara Clicker be played on?

Capybara Clicker can be played on a web browser.

When was the game's last update?

This game was updated on November 30, 2022.

What are clicker games?

Clicker games are also called "Incremental game" or "Idle game". These types of games are developed without the interaction with players. For instance, a game requires you to mine diamonds. At the beginning, you have to dig to collect diamonds, but after a certain point or time the game will be mining by itself and you do not need to do anything. It seems great and suitable for players who are not very "hard-working," right?

Why do people enjoy clicker games?

Clicker games are idle games, these games do not require players to pay attention or play them consecutively. Therefore, players can do other activities, even sleep, while the game is active and still get achievements. Players find this type of gameplay simple, easy and satisfying since they receive benefits like points, awards, etc. for their "laziness" in doing nothing for the game.

How To Play

  • Click your mouse or tap on the screen to play.
  • To generate more capybaras, click the capybara icon.
  • The amount of clicks or auto-clicks can be increased with upgrades to boost your capybara number.
  • To instantly generate one billion capybaras, unlock upgrades.
  • Pressing the upward key will also restart the game.

Tips and Tricks

Unlock upgrades

To create billions of capybaras faster and easier, you should try to unlock upgrades. These upgrades will help you increase the number of capybara up to billions within one click. Below are some upgrades for your better view:

  • Cursor: +1 Capybaras per click
  • Auto Click: +1 Capybaras per second
  • Mr Clicker: +5 Capybaras per click
  • Capybara Farm: +6 Capybaras per second
  • President Clicker: +100 Capybaras per click
  • Capybara Pump: +200 Capybaras per second
  • King Clicker: +1000 Capybaras per click
  • Capybara Factory: +5000 Capybaras per second
  • Emperor Clicker: +9000 Capybaras per click
  • Capybara Pyramid: +100000 Capybaras per second
  • Pope Clicker: +25000 Capybaras per click
  • Capybara Temple: +200000 Capybaras per second
  • God clicker: +100000 Capybaras per click
  • Capybara Power Plant: +1000000 Capybaras per second
  • The Clicker: +2000000 Capybaras per click
  • Capybara Sun: +10000000 Capybaras per second
  • Capybara Galaxy: +30000000000 Capybaras per second

Unlock skins

Changing your capybara style is what makes Capybara Clicker so fun and keeps you coming back to unlock skins for more wonderful accessories. You can choose the capybara skin that you prefer from the menu of available skins after unlocking new ones. Just keep clicking and you will be surprised by the multiform of how the capybara can be displayed. Here are some skins that you can apply to your capybara (remember that you always start with the Normal Skin):

  • Normal Capybara
  • Equilibrist Capybara
  • Witch Capybara
  • King Capybara (With the crown)
  • King Capybara (With the red umbrella)
  • Noel Capybara
  • Sun Glasses Capybara
  • Mexican Capybara
  • Capybara and Friend
  • Super Capybara
  • Pixelated Capybara
  • Strawhat Capybara
  • Black and White Capybara
  • Wizard Capybara
  • RobinHood Capybara
  • Galatic Capybara

Unlock backgrounds

Feeling happy? or sad? Don't worry because Capybara Clicker allows you to change the background to any type of weather that you prefer. To do this, all you have to do is unlock all the weather once you hit a certain point. This is similar to the upgrades and skin unlocks, where you can choose the weather that you prefer from the menu of available backgrounds after unlocking new ones. Some backgrounds you can choose from (remember that you always start with the Norrmal weather):

  • Norrmal
  • Rain
  • Sunny
  • Star Rain
  • Windy
  • Snowing

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